SalmaiaLit represents new and consolidated authors, as well as catalogs of agencies and publishers from Spain and abroad, we pay attention to new voices and foster those who have already found their place. We look for, and present, diverse but personalized projects both in the fields of fiction and non-fiction, and we concentrate on a close relationship with our clients and their publishers, that has at its core the writing process.


SalmaiaLit was launched in April 2008, after years of working experience in publishing, with a clear commitment to consolidate and broaden our experience. We keep a close eye at the developements of the publishing industry and study the new trends to be updated and to be able to offer our clients the best diffusion opportunities for their works.


At present our website is under construction, so we would like to invite you to visit our blog where you will find more information about SalmaiaLit’s projects and authors.


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*Salmaia: mezcla de aguas dulces y  saladas

*Salmaia: mescla d’aigües dolces i salades

*Salmaia: the mingling of salt and fresh water